Commissioning of Power Plant – Steam Blowing

As part of the commissioning phase for our new Energy Plant we will be going through a process called Steam Blowing, this will only happen once in the plants lifetime.


Commissioning  or Project Commissioning is the process of assuring that all the systems and component parts of our new Energy Plant are designed and installed, according to our operational requirements.

One of the phases of Commissioning is called Steam Blowing. Essentially we are steam cleaning part of the system before we begin operations.  This is necessary to ensure any rust and debris from welding / fabrication is flushed out of the pipework to ensure the steam is as clean as possible for connecting to the high speed turbine avoiding any potential damage to the turbines and to ensure reliable power generation.

We will run a series of temporary pipes from a boiler, through a silencer out to a vent. At periodic intervals a valve will be opened to allow steam to travel through the silencer and up through the temporary pipe in plumes lasting a couple of minutes.

What you may see

We wanted to tell you about this process as during the Steam Blowing phase, local residents may see steam coming from behind our landscaping bund, we must emphasise that this will only last for a short period of time and when the Energy Plant is fully operational, next year, it is very unlikely that you will see similar.

Throughout the construction phase measures have been in place to ensure as clean a build as possible and protect the system, therefore this should be a short, clean process.

We have also taken precautions to minimise any noise from the steam blowing by using a silencer and positioning the equipment in such a way that any noise is buffered by our manmade bund.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Authority (SEPA)

SEPA are aware of this process, we have kept them up to date throughout the build. All works will be in compliance with the approved commissioning plan & permit and we will be giving SEPA at least 72 hours notice of when the Steam Blowing will take place.  We will also advertise the date on our website & social media pages( or Facebook @Levenseat or Twitter @levenseatWM)

There is minimal environmental risk other than the noise and SEPA are informed of the precautions that are in place for this.

When will this happen?

At the moment the Steam Blowing is scheduled for January 2018, we will know the exact date nearer the time and will be notifying the local community via our social media sites and here on our website. Facebook @levenseat or Twitter @levenseatWM

Want to know more?

We have organised a mini roadshow where we will be going round the following villages and talking to local residents about the new facility and the Commissioning phase.

Town Venue Date & Time
Forth Forth Sports Centre 18th December 4pm– 7pm
Fauldhouse Fauldhouse Partnership Centre, Room 3 20th December 4pm– 7pm


Open Day

We will be having an Open day in the Summer, once both the Recycling and Energy Plant are open, if you would like to come along please register your interest by emailing or phoning 01501773119 and leave a message with your name, and contact details.

for more information download our handy information guide Community info Leaflet – Steam Blowing