Commissioning Update

Levenseat’s Power Plant is currently going through commissioning and we are about to enter into the steam blowing phase. Before this stage we will be carrying out a refractory dry out. This process is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 7th February with the steam blowing following shortly after.

An exact date for steam blowing will be communicated in due course. To learn more more about steam blowing please click here

What is a refractory?

A refractory is a material that retains its strength at a high temperature.

Why carry out this process?

Newly installed refractory require a carefully controlled initial heating in order to prevent cracking or shortening of the materials’ predicted lifetime.The refractory dry outs primary function is to close and seal all openings or gaps.

All refractory materials, must be properly dried to achieve their designed strengths.

What is a refractory dry out?

A dry out is simply that, drying out the material i.e. removing the moisture by heating up the boiler in a controlled manner.

The Process

We will be heating the boiler to a specified temperature and holding it at that temperature for a specified period of time. Steam will be generated and released through valves locate at the Power Plant. All works will be in compliance with the approved commissioning plan & permit.


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Notes to Editor

Levenseat Ltd is a Recycling & Waste Management company based in Central Scotland. With 30 years experience, Levenseat has established a reputation for reliability, accessibility and  innovation. We are committed to developing new waste solutions to provide customers with an environmental and economic solution. With the construction of our new Waste Treatment Facility together with our wider established facility, we will be delivering to the market Scotland’s largest integrated facility providing treatment and recovery for a wide range of waste materials.

Levenseat Renewable Energy Limited is an offshoot from Levenseat Ltd. with external investment provided from funds managed by Zouk Capital LLP and Foresight Group LLP (Green Investment Bank) with debt from Investec Bank plc. The Company was established specifically for the development of Energy from Waste and associated infrastructure.


About the project

Total project value:  £111m

Total GIB indirect investment: £28.5m equity

Investors: GIB, Zouk Capital, Levenseat Limited

Environmental impact: recovery and recycling of over a million tonnes of materials over its lifetime, reduction in lifetime greenhouse gas emissions of over 1,300,000 tonnes, equivalent to taking over 23,000 cars off the road

Energy generation: 75GWh of electricity produced per year

Feedstock supply: from adjacent MRF facility with capacity to process 215,000 tpa

Developer:  Levenseat Renewable Energy Holdings Limited

EPC Contractor: M+W Group

Technology Provider, O&M Operator: Outotec Energy Products

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